Where Learning Becomes a Canvas for Innovation

Fueled by a commitment to ongoing innovation, we provide early education through extensive activities and educational initiatives within a friendly and inviting Environment.

Colours preschool & Innovation academy

Chain of Preschool & Cambridge Model School. We are also coming up with CBSE School in 2024-25 @ Wakad near Decathlon Sports.


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Founders Message

We foster an environment of open-mindedness and cultivate well-rounded, flourishing personalities. In our nurturing environment, children are encouraged to explore their imaginations, paving the way for them to become language, mathematics, art, and activity innovators. The academic curriculum follows the principles of Cambridge learning and utilizes Cambridge-approved materials. In addition, we incorporate internally developed, research-based practices to enhance productive learning. In addition, we follow a well-defined 360-degree framework for your child’s overall development. The Colours Innovation Academy Curriculum centers around a holistic developmental approach, focusing on

Anchored in Excellence: Our Values Spectrum

Excellence: Striving for the highest academic achievement and personal growth standards.

Creativity: Encouraging innovative thinking and artistic expression to inspire lifelong learning.

Collaboration: Promoting teamwork and cooperative problem-solving among students and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clear your queries

How is the day at Colours?

Our day begins with a Subject Enrichment Assembly focusing on various subjects, including Science, Maths, English, Music, and Parade. The schedule is designed to promote the holistic development of our learners, nurturing their minds, souls, and bodies. We strike a harmonious balance between academic classes and co-curricular activities throughout the day and also have a brief 20-minute break and a more leisurely 30-minute break.

Which languages do we offer?

We provide a range of language options, with English as the primary language of instruction. In addition to English, we also offer courses in Hindi, Marathi, and German.

Which books do we follow?

We use thoughtfully researched educational material endorsed by Cambridge. We use thoughtfully researched educational material endorsed by CBSE till grade 6. Grade 7 and above, we will be using NCERT Books. We plan to use books recommended by well-known foundations.