Colours Innovation Academy

Colours Innovation Academy (CIA) - Primary School has well defined “360 Degree Framework” for overall development covering all aspects of STEAM process. We have emphasis on all aspects of child development.

Maths is Fun

Maths is fun at CIA.

1st graders using new maths kit! 

Fitness Drill @ CIA

Fitness drill under Jaideep Sir mentorship! 

The Ganga

1st and 2nd Grade - Combridge International School 

Gymnastics : First Grade Students

Gymnastics : 1st Grade Students @ Colours Innovation Academy 

Robotics Programming

Robotics Programming - 1st and 2nd Grade Students @ CIA


Sarasvati Vandana

Sarasvati Vandana by 1st and 2nd Grade Students of CIA

Ganga River System


Maa Ganga!!

1st and 2nd Grade Children did really well in showcasing Maa Ganga River System. Children and Teachers worked for close to 2 months to Plan, Prepare for this. We actually prepared Digital LED Light board to connect 150 LED bulbs to showcase Maa Ganga tributaries and  Dis-tributaries river!! Glad to see Children Performing so well !!

Naina (Child Labour)

 Colours Innovation Academy : Grade 1 and 2 Performed on important issue "Child Labour" !! Beautifully performed